dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Wesley burt inspired value study

I really like the works of Wesley burt and I wanted to try his work-method. Painting in values and adding colour overlays later on. Not nearly as good as him off course but it was a good exercise nevertheless.
The character itself is kinda uninspired, random cool looking bloke.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Starcraft Spacemarine

I am jumping on the starcraft bandwagon, a little late I know :).  But like they say better late than never.
This is more of a character style test for a larger illustration. I tend do do a lot of characters without background, so I am forcing myself to do full blown illustrations nowadays.  One of the side-effects of this new way of working is that it takes a lot longer for me to post anything, so that's why I decided to post this little teaser.

zondag 21 augustus 2011

A swords and soldiers oldie

This one is a little old but I still like it, it's the PSN Swords and Soldiers store banner,  later on we also used it  for the Steam version of Swords and Soldiers.We got a lot of comments on the colourful style we had going for Swords and soldiers. While it fitted perfectly for the Nintendo Wii platform, we made this banner a little bit less colourfull to give it more appeal for the PSN audience


A Promo picture I made for the game we are currently working on at Ronimo.
I had a lot of fun making this picture, it was fun to do something other than creating 2d assets, which I had been doing for the last couple of months.

Megaman Tribute

I recently found out I got selected for the Udon Megaman tribute artbook, which is pretty neat.
I tried to make a more realistic Megaman:

dinsdag 28 december 2010

My First Blogpost

So this is it, my first blog, I will try to post as much work as I can but I am also very busy at Ronimo so I hope I can update on a regular basis.